"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Lu: so smitten of your footsies. This picture makes me want to jump in the hammock with you and eat them up. 

We had a really nice week. This is the first time I've come home from vacation and not had to go to "work" the next day. I'm treasuring my time off with Lu so much. I'll be starting a 3-day a week work schedule in September. Feeling excited and anxious about discovering the right balance for me, and for Lucy. Until then, soaking up these awesome summer days with favorite side-kick. 

Love the portraits from it's the little things blog - such beautiful, intimate moments of her baby girl and baby bump. 


  1. Beautiful. I absolutely love the colors here.

  2. Such a lovely shot, the colors are just stunning! So glad you guys had a wonderful week, enjoy your summer! xx

  3. Oh my! What a great hammock. I love the colors. And the baby toes make it all the more wonderful. Linking you as my favorite photo from last week.