26/52 + 27/52

"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Austin Edition. I'm so proud of Lu's adaptability. We put her through a lot this week while on vacation... plane rides, different beds, hot days, lake days, lots of new faces (squeezing her cheeks!). She thrived. So curious to explore her world. We're honored to be (one) of her vessels. 

Week 26 // Lu: those cheeks! Where did they even come from?! You spent a LOT of time in water this past week. Little tan lines evident in new baby chunk rolls. It's officially summertime (on this side of the world, at least!) 

Week 27 // Lucy Elle: happiest on your feet, facing outward, pushing forward. 

Some favorites of recent... the family portraits over at Little Green Shed, such beautiful light and a realness I loved. Ruby's Casper stomping in puddles. Flower Market finds, glad to have found Oana's blog. 

(Linking up with the 52 Project over at Che & Fidel Blog.) 

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