"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Lucy: well kiddo, we made it through the week just the 2 of us. You're looking rather skeptical in this picture, but the truth is, it was a pretty great week. Sure, we missed Dad (a lot!) and I had an allergic reaction to your laundry detergent (awesome!). But we had some quality time - eating, tummy timing, nappin' - ya know, the good stuff. We even managed to clean the house one morning and take showers/baths everyday. Thank you for being a really, really incredibly good baby. I owe ya. How about some milk? Call it even. xoxo, Mama. 

PS. how are you so BIG already?! There are so many times a day I look at you and am just so amazed that you spent 9 months inside my body becoming a baby, and now here you are... Thriving. Making faces. Tracking me across the room with your eyes. It's so incredible.



  1. oh the sweetness in the everything about this. your note. lucy. love babies in all their milky exhaustion.

  2. This is beautiful. Oh man, babies are the best. I'll say it once, and probably every time. Babies are the freaking best.