"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Lucy: 5 weeks old! This was the last full week before Jason heads back to work. We'll always be grateful for this unexpected time we got together the first 6 weeks of Lucy's life - to bond, to tag-team late night feedings and diapers, to go for long walks, to cook, to enjoy each others company. We soaked up the the last week (and some sun) with a short trip to Ojai. Lucy enjoyed her first swim in the pool, we played a long game of Tennis, ate a delicious meal and slept in a big cozy king size bed. It was great. 

My favorite of the week came from Full Fokus, enjoyed looking through her full portrait set and the varied shots she's managed to get of her little one (who ALWAYS looks so darn happy!)

(Part of the 52 Project, started by Che and Fidel).


  1. love. such sweet babyness. also loved full fokus. & yes, she has some incredibly pictures. I featured you last week on my portraits. this may have to go on my list for next week. oh the sweetness! xo

  2. Time spent with your significant other with a little baby is miraculous. Not very many people get the opportunity to enjoy that. My husband was in an accident which resulted in him being home for over a month straight while our little one jumped a whole month in age with her daddy around. It's so wonderful to watch dad's bonding with their little girls. I loved it and I bet you did too. She is so beautiful and so much hair! I just love seeing your photos!