"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Lu: quite smitten with your tongue these days. 

I was so motivated to document a pretty summer BBQ at our friends' house and managed to take this single photo before realizing I'd left the camera on and battery was dead... It happens. The night was really lovely anyways :) 

(Linking up with the 52 Project at Che and Fidel blog. Thanks for the mention this week!) 


  1. this happens to me all the time!
    but at least you managed to take this one, she is such a beautiful baby! :)

  2. sometimes, its nice though to just have the camera away and soak them all in to your heart....often I get caught up in catching every detail and moment that I forget to stop and enjoy! Although in the same breath..LOVE having at least one picture!!! I'm thinking I need to work on having the camera and "learning" when to put it down! :)