DAY 1/2013

On June 5 2012 we learned we'd be having a baby. I've been keeping a journal ever since. And I really like it. Writing. Reading back. A little way to remember the emotions. And sort through my state of mind. This space goes one step further. A commitment to keep writing. Keep being nostalgic. An easy place to share, to connect. I'm excited. 

Today is January 1, 2013. Goodbye 2012. What a year you’ve been.

Our first full year of marriage.
On our way to becoming first time parents.
Fun travels around the country... Miami, Austin, New Orleans, Colorado, Mammoth, Palm Springs, Sedona.
Seeing friends happy, in love, get engaged, marry.
Health to us. Health to our friends and family.
Dad turned sixty... 6-0!
New job.  
Happy, thriving nieces and nephews.
A cozy new house with a big yard.
The happiest pup you ever did see.

We are lucky folks.

And there’s so much on the horizon for 2013. I’m looking forward to...

Meeting our baby girl.
Holding her in my arms and seeing J’s face looking at us both for the first time.
Becoming a mom.
My husband becoming a dad.
Nesting at home, as a new family unit.
Walking the pup with a stroller.
Shamelessly taking lots (and lots) of pictures.
Celebrating my husband’s 35th.
Losing pregnancy weight.
Drinking wine again.
Having time away from the ad agency world.
Figuring out how to travel with a baby.
Seeing friends get married and have babies.
Turning 30.
Writing. Reading. Yoga.
Making things.
Taking in all the little moments.

This is going to be quite the year.