"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Boot: 38 weeks, belly in bed. 

I'm beginning to wonder if next week this portrait will be of our baby or of my belly. For awhile now, I've assumed she'll be late (no Braxton Hicks yet... NONE?!), but I'm beginning to think (hope / wish / pray) she'll be a few days early anyways. I just can't wait to meet her little face. And as much as I'm enjoying chocolate milk and cookies, I'm ready to leave pregnancy behind and begin mothering. I'm crazy excited / anxious to know how our birth will unfold and in anticipation have been reading others' stories anywhere I can find them. Namely to keep reminding myself that everyone labors so differently. To do my best to let go. Allow my body to bring this baby into the world the way it was made too. 

I'm really enjoying linking up with Che and Fidel in The 52 Project. So many inspiring voices / photographers / women putting it all out there. Community is the best. 


  1. That last stretch can be tough, get lots of rest while you're waiting.

  2. How exciting and frustrating that time just before you give birth is... I hope you are feeling comfortable and being spoiled by everyone! Your body will do its thing eventually!

  3. Ah! I hope its her beautiful face!

  4. Yes, fingers crossed for you for next week we see a face not bump,

    all in good time though - such an exciting period for you