"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Lou: this is a face we've seen often in the 2 plus weeks you've been hanging out with us. We love your inquisitive looks to pieces. You've already outgrown your smallest footie PJ's with the Valentine's Day hearts and it almost broke me. What's the rush?! 

This week I loved finding / seeing the portraits of sweet Lotus on Flourish Blog. Feels a bit like looking 6 months into our own future...

(Part of the 52 Project, started by Che and Fidel).


  1. ADORE. love, love the sweet infant stage. xo

  2. Oh my! What a sweet face. The rate of growth during this first year is so ridiculous. I swear it feels like I had Lo just yesterday and today she is 5 months. Just make sure to take hundreds of photos so you can look back. Lucy is so beautiful.

  3. Oh so cute! Congratulations! Motherhood is so full of those tiny little heartbreaks. I still can't work out why on earth they have to grow so quickly! x