"A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2013."

Lucy: wearing overalls I used to wear. So glad my mom saved them. 

Change is good. I keep telling myself.

I'll be returning to work, parttime, next week. A 3-day schedule. I couldn't be happier about that. A wonderful childcare situation has landed in our lap and I am so grateful. Lucy is starting to become acutely aware of my presence (and absence) so I think this is just the right time to transition to new faces. It melts me when I hear her search out for me, but I know it will be good for her to be comfortable when I have to be away (short periods only, please!) 

My biggest hope is my time away from Lucy will make me an even better, even more present, Mama when I am with her. It's going to be hard. Really hard. I actually surprised myself how little I missed working. But then again, we've been keeping ourselves busy. Seeing co-worker friends will be fun. Hopefully motivating, too.

And as if preparing myself to go back-to-work hasn't been busy enough, I've been staying up late nights working on a new design and organization for this site. Simple stuff really, but excited to share! Feeling energized about new projects and I just really love that feeling. It's been awhile. Life is good.

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