"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Lu: we got you this blow-up pool for about 4 bucks at the grocery store. Your Papa boiled pots and pots of water to make it just the right temperature for you to splash around in. Homemade backyard jacuzzi. You adore it. Thank goodness you're turning out to be a water baby! 

This past week was tough. Lu is teething and with it, showing her baby will (thankfully, her sleep remains in tact!). She's learned to arch her back and show more signs of frustration. Those bright beautiful smiles of hers were a bit fewer and far between. I'm reminded to slow down. Build and adapt our days around her mood. Soothe her best I can and be patient with myself when it seems I can't right away. And soak up the quiet moments she falls peacefully asleep on me. Smiles. Almost-sort-of-I-think-laughs. Be present. 

My favorite portrait last week... a boy and his bubbles. Such a great capture! 

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  1. Teething was so hard for us (and still is) it's just a waiting game. We used Hyland's teething tablets, ice in a mesh feeder, and when all else failed baby acetaminophen. It gets better.