06/52 (Stork on Standby)

"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Boot: 40 weeks, our sweet baby girl... 

Today is your due date. The day we are hoping to meet you. Alas, I think you’ll be testing our patients and arriving true to the family trait... Late. Even if you don’t come today, it feels momentus. We’ve been thinking about February 7th since early June, when we found out you were with us. This date has been cemented in our brains and repeated to our friends and family over and over again -- and now this day is here!

So you can come out now. We are so ready for you. Ready for you to be in our arms instead of my belly, ready to hear you cry, see you open your eyes, wrap your little fingers around our fingers. We’re ready to stay up all night with you and clean your diapers. Ready to sing to you, to dress you up in tiny little baby clothes, to kiss your forehead (and your stomach and your knees and your toes!) Ready to take your picture and show you off, take you for walks near the ocean, take you on car trips to the mountains. Ready to give you a name (whatever it may be). Ready to nurse you, hold you, rock you, swaddle you. Ready to compromise and sacrifice, to learn to parent you as best as we can. Ready for whatever you need us to be ready for, good and bad. We’re ready to love you. We already do.

(Part of the 52 Project, started by Che and Fidel).


  1. Enjoy your final moments. Soon your arms will be full of newborn squishness ♥

    With loads of love from a Mama whose last bubs decided to hang inside until a few days past 42 weeks

  2. lovely...
    Congratulations and enjoy this moment :)